Welcome to OSAF ~ A Website Walkthrough

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First, we’re happy to welcoming you in OSAF community. Maybe you know about us little bit after reading about us page in out homepage.

Our site are currently divided into 5 section with need analysis based feature to enhance borderless solidarity

  1. Forum
  2. Colaborative Research
  3. Ask Question
  4. Crowdfunding
  5. Counseling


A forum is where you share everything from shocking fact to educational tips. And this forum is really addictive. Because not only you can interact with other student around the globe, you also learn new things in interesting way



Ever struggled with your homework? You can share your homework in this section. Let our community help your homework and help you understand your homework.


If you think you good enough at school subject, help others homework and collect some points. than, see whose got the most points



In this section, you can donate some of your money to the unlucky one.Even though you donate very small amount of money. You have contributed to make a world a better place. And, we give you an opportunity to help others, and make a different. Well, good kind of different

We hope you enjoy our site. If you want to say hello or ask us about anything, feel free to email


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